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Go ahead and make my day... write a review! 

Please click on any book cover and you'll jump to the form where you can write a review...


Reviews are incredibly important to independent authors like me, as they are one of the few things that can help me stand out in a very large crowd. They’re  really helpful because...

  • Seeing lots of positive reviews and ratings on a book has a big effect on whether someone decides to take a chance on an author they don't know. 

  • Book selling websites use AI algorithms, based on the reviews and ratings, to select what books to show in the "also bought" displays. More reviews mean my books get shown to more potential buyers.  

  • AND... I love reading them! It's such a lot of work to publish a book and knowing that someone found it useful makes it worth all the effort. 

I’ve created this one-stop page to make it very easy for you to review any of my books. Just click on the book and you will jump right to the review page. It only takes a few seconds to click a rating and your review can be as short as you like, it all helps. And remember, you can review a book on Amazon even if you didn’t buy it there! 

Fundamental Changes Books

available worldwide in print and for download on Kindle

THe Art of Compingfor Jazz Drums - Book Cover 2000x2000.png
 Beginner Jazz Soloing for Saxophone & C
Trumpet Cover cut out.png
 Beginner Jazz Soloing for Trumpet-cover
Sax Cover cut out.png
Flute Cover cut out.png

The Savvy Guide To Scales

Interactive (app-like) ebook available worldwide on Apple Books

Each book includes all transpositions for Concert Pitch, Bass Clef, Bb & Eb Pitch instruments

iPad-Blues Scales.jpg
iPad-Compilation of Essential Scales.jpg
iPad-Min Pent Scales.jpg
iPad-Nat Min Scales.jpg
iPad-Maj Scales.jpg
iPad-Maj Pent Scales.jpg
iPad-Har Min Scales.jpg
iPad-Mel Min Scales.jpg
Savvy Guide To Scales Books

How To Learn To Improvise

Interactive (app-like) ebook available worldwide on Apple Books

Separate editions for Concert Pitch, Bass Clef, Bb & Eb Pitch instruments

iPad-Improv with Min Pent C.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 C.jpg
iPad-Improv with Min Pent BASS.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 BASS.jpg
iPad-Improv with Min Pent Bb.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 Bb.jpg
iPad-Improv with Min Pent Eb.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 Eb.jpg
How To Learn To Improvise Books
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