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Chelsfield Jazz Workshop takes place once per month on Friday evenings 7:30-9:00pm

at Chelsfield Village Hall, BR6 7RL.

Please click HERE for a google map link.

There is plenty of free parking available at the venue. 

These workshops are for adults of any age, on any instrument, interested in developing their improvising skills and musicianship. It is a practical, performance-based approach to learning in a supportive, inclusive and nurturing group. Through the playing and study of standard jazz repertoire, we cover some of the essential requirements for improvising including ear training, rhythmic skills, developing your harmonic understanding and knowledge, learning transcriptions of some classic recordings and building a jazz vocabulary. 

By better understanding of the process of playing jazz and your role in the group and by using a variety of different practice methods and approaches you can gain confidence in your improvising and musicianship skills. We also have fun! It is a great chance to play in a group and meet other like-minded people. 

Numbers are limited, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of chance to play in every session and enrolment is by online application. After you submit your application and payment you will be notified if a place is available. 


Is there parking available? 

Yes, there is a free car park. 

Do I need to bring my instrument/amp/drums/keyboard/etc with me? 

Yes, the village hall has no equipment for us to use. We can use the power sockets for amps.

Do I need to bring a music stand? 


What else should I bring? 

When you are offered a place you will be sent a link to the class resources, which includes all of the sheet music. Please make sure you print your parts and bring them with you for the workshop, or have them loaded onto an iPad or similar device. Some manuscript paper and a pencil is always useful to make notes with. A recording device can also be very helpful. 

Is the workshop open to singers? 

Sorry, we are unable to accommodate singers. 

Is the workshop open to under 18s? 

Yes, the workshop is open to all ages, although it is intended for and focussed on adult learning. Some teenagers have attended in the past and it has worked fine with them, but it is not suitable for young children. Young children are very well catered for at the classes I run at BYMT Jazz School, please see for more information. 

I'm only a beginner. Will it be suitable for me? 

The workshop will naturally include a "mixed ability" group and shall attempt to offer something for most levels. However, it is not suitable for complete beginners (ie: someone who only just bought their first instrument last week) and the classes do not include any instrumental tuition. As a minimum requirement you should be able to play a chromatic scale on the full range of your instrument and know your major scales. As a very rough guide, grade 3-4 equivalent standard is recommended as a minimum, although no certificates will be required. 


I've never improvised before, will this be a problem? 

Not if you are willing to give it a go. You will be given different concepts and strategies for improvising on the material presented in the session. 


Here's what some of our first time students said...


"Hi Buster, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the workshop this evening. I have been a devotee of jazz listening for decades but never dared to “have a go”. Your workshop this evening has changed all that. I can’t wait for the next chance. But unfortunately I’ve never been free for your next  one this term, which is very disappointing and frustrating for me. So, I trust you will let me know next term as and when and if you have any more or even perhaps a Summer course? Anyway, whenever it is, I can’t wait for my next chance to do another workshop with you. In the meantime, grateful thanks for such a brilliantly put together and thoroughly enjoyable Friday evening." 

"Hi Buster, Thanks for a fantastic and completely engaging evening. My piano teacher is right: you are an incredibly gifted educator and motivator, and just so encouraging. I mean, you had us all doing solo improv as if it was the most natural thing in the world. That's quite something. So thank you again."


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