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Learn from the masters! 

All workshops include transcriptions from the original recordings with custom made play-along tracks to match the parts, slowed down to more manageable tempos. 
  • No Real Books!
  • No generic midi backing tracks!
  • No Aebersolds!
  • No Hal Leonards! 
Learn classic jazz standards from the recordings... Just like they did! 
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Suitable for virtually any instrument including... 

Who It's For
Access to my entire video library of past jazz workshops covering approx 70hrs of lessons

Click HERE to check out the videos and a list of repertoire covered

Going right back to jazz workshop #01 you get full access to the complete library of my past jazz workshops, including all of the downloads for every class. This is a fantastic learning resource, covering a huge range of classic jazz standards. Every video is about 1hr long and comes with all of the resources for that class (full band parts, handouts, play-along tracks).

You can pause, rewind and rewatch the videos as often as you like. Here some sample clips from the video library... 

Access to my live Zoom jazz workshops...

Every month I host a 1hr live Zoom jazz workshop offering an in depth study of one classic jazz standard. The class is suitable for any instrument (except drums - I have plenty for you guys elsewhere!) and aimed at beginner to intermediate players. The music is always broken down into manageable sections with a clear strategy provided for your improvised solo. All of the music is transcribed from specific recordings and a complete arrangement is provided with full band parts. No real book lead sheets or iReal pro chord charts are used! In addition to this, handouts are provided covering warm ups, theory/harmony, licks, etc. Plus, I make custom play-along tracks for you to practice along with (which match the charts). These resources are uploaded a week or so before the class, so you have time to prepare in advance. Everyone is muted in the zoom class, so you are free to play along at your own leisure. There is a Q&A session at the end of every workshop. 

New Videos added every month...

Each live online jazz workshop is recorded every month and added to the video library, which means if you are unable to attend the live zoom class you can catch up afterwards with the video recording. 

Free access to all of my Musicianship Courses

Courses covering Major Scales, Ear Training, Key Centres, Licks and Musicianship training are available to purchase separately, but included for free with your VIP membership. That's an extra 48 videos totally approx 9.5hrs of ​material to improve essential musicianship skills.

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Identifying Intervals Over A Drone Cover.png
Check out your key centres cover.png
Master Major Scales Cover.png
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One Month Rolling Subscription... 

My VIP membership is a one month rolling subscription. Which means you are not tied in and can cancel at any time.... 


“This was a new experience for me and as a first-timer I found Buster to be an extremely good teacher, with clear explanations and demonstrations of the scales and note progressions, for the tune we were learning that day. He was very encouraging to all the attendees, whatever their level of experience”

Ross Jacques - chromatic harmonica

"He somehow makes what is seemingly complicated, understandable and simple and more to the point, as a saxophone player, his teaching gets the music coming out of my horn - no mean feat!  His knowledge of jazz is encyclopaedic and gives us students great understanding of how the music we are working on is constructed and developed by whichever jazz master we are studying.  Every workshop or lesson he gives is underpinned by clear, straightforward teaching materials. Buster is able to accommodate with great patience, whatever level a student is at and is very encouraging and supportive.  He also has a great sense of humour and an inexhaustible fund of stories and jokes!  Can’t recommend him highly enough!"

Lorrie Benwell - tenor sax

"He explains jazz theory really well and his enthusiasm is infectious. I always come away feeling I've learnt a great deal - and had a lot of fun in the process."

Matt Male - tenor saxophone and flute

"Buster’s many years of professional playing and teaching all ages, make him a superb teacher. Whatever your abilities or difficulties, he has great techniques for progressing your skills and knowledge. His love and enthusiasm for music and music education combine with kindness, humour and patience to make every lesson a great experience."

Ian Rowe - guitar and piano

"Buster is friendly and approachable and is able to support and coach a group of really mixed ability. He ensures that every student takes away something to work on and has had an uplifting and positive experience. Buster is unfailingly enthusiastic about his subject and communicates this to the whole group. His sessions have been the most enjoyable and useful I have been privileged to attend since I started to try jazz."

Wendy - piano

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