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Suitable for virtually any instrument. A comprehensive 12-day practice routine working in one key per day around the cycle of fourths. I will call out random intervals (eg: "flat seven", "sharp eleven") and you have to play that note on your instrument as fast as you can. So it's all about how fast you can mentally process that information to convert it into a note (eg: Bb) and then find that note on your instrument. I will play along with you on the piano, so you can check your results as we go along. The goal is to complete one video lesson each day in which we will play against a "drone" backing track. Each video lasts about 7mins, so please allow yourself that much time each day to complete the routines. It's just like having your own personal trainer! All of the videos can be rewatched, rewinded, revisited and repeated as often as you like. In twelve days you will notice the difference. Sign up and get started now! Total running time: approx 90mins

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