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How To Learn To Improvise

with Minor Pentatonic Scales

Learn to improvise in all 12 keys with this interactive,​ play-along study guide for virtually all instruments.

Each book includes 369 notated exercises and 1340 embedded play-along audio files. 

A simple system developed over hundreds of jazz improvisation workshops!

Do you have little or no experience of improvisation and don't know where to start?

Do you have some experience with improvising, but want a less "hit and miss" approach?

Are you a more experienced improviser that wants at thorough and rigorous practice routine to improve your improvising in all 12 keys? 

Are you a music teacher that wants to introduce improvisation in your lessons, but have little experience of how to teach it? 

Then this simple, interactive study guide is for you! 

How To Learn To Improvise using Minor Pentatonic Scales is written for any musicians on any instrument interested in learning how to learn to improvise. Unlike a lot of other available material on this subject it isn’t just about the theory. It is about the process of learning and provides a series of practical exercises that break down, what can feel like for some, a huge leap in to small manageable steps.


This series of books uses a tried and tested practical method that gradually moves you away from playing scales up and down, to creating melodic phrases, giving you the confidence to improvise and not get lost in the form.  

Each interactive digital book includes... 

• Over 18,000 words of text giving clear guidance and instruction for each exercise and harmonic analysis showing how each scale fits with each chord sequence

• 189 pages

• 369 notated musical examples 

• A thorough practice routine and series of exercises in all 12 keys

• 1340 play-along audio files embedded directly in the book 

• 7 different backing tracks for practicing improvising in various different styles, including Swing, Bossa Nova, Pop and Blues, with all exercises in all 12 keys

Download your copy now and learn to improvise in all 12 keys!


How To Learn To Improvise

with Jazz Chord Symbols

Increase your speed of recognition with jazz chord symbols using this interactive flash card method.

Suitable for virtually any instrument this unique system will help you to master ii-V-I chords in all 12 keys

Test your speed on your instrument with the embedded flash card system

Do you struggle to work out the chord tones quickly enough?

Do you find it hard to recognise ii-V-I sequences in jazz tunes?


Do you struggle to find the notes quickly enough on your instrument

Then this unique, interactive study guide is for you! 

How To Learn To Improvise with Jazz Chord Symbols looks at the three most common types of jazz chord symbols (the ii-V-I) and how they function in all 12 keys. It includes… 

• A clear and easy to understand explanation of jazz chord symbols in general, different chord types, diatonic harmony, the ii-V-I chord sequence, voicings and orchestration, all with notated examples and embedded audio files to demonstrate and help recognise the different sounds (in all 12 keys)… 

• A series of unique interactive flash card chord symbol tests to be played on your instrument (from slow to fast) to improve “speed of recognition” when seeing chord symbols and giving you a “real time” experience to challenge how well you know your chord symbols… 


• Exercises and routines for learning ii-V-I chord sequences and backing tracks to practice within all 12 keys at various tempos. 

Download your copy now and master ii-V-I chord sequences in all 12 keys!

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