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Minor Pentatonic scales are extremely useful and offer a great way in to improvising. They feature in a lot of solos and compositions, particularly in the modern jazz/hard-bop style.

This handy practice resource, with its play-along tracks at increasing tempos, will help any beginner to advanced player on any instrument increase their fluency in all 12 keys. 

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I have created over 100 play-along practice tracks in iReal Pro which are custom made to develop your jazz musicianship and improvising skills. They cover all of the essential chords, modes, cadences and turnarounds in all 12 major and minor keys around the cycle of fourths.

These tracks will accelerate your learning and develop your playing in so many ways. You can speed them up, slow them down, change key, repeat sections and even play them back in different styles. Once you start using these practice tracks you won't go back! 

FREE iReal Pro custom tracks for Jazz Musicians

Suitable for virtually any instrument including... 

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"Lessons with Buster are very inspiring, he makes you feel that anything is possible and he gives you the tools to set you up to try. When he is teaching you can tell he wants the very best for you. He always has interesting and varied material and he moves at a pace to suit your skill level. His experience and patience ensures that every lesson will be both enjoyable and rewarding. I have had some terrific lessons with him."

Ann - tenor saxophone

"Buster is a patient and enthusiastic music teacher who gives structured lessons with practical examples supported by competent technical ICT delivery. I am an adult learner who appreciates his courtesy and professional support in my musical journey."

Peter Horah - saxophone and flute

"I’ve studied with Buster for a few years now and he really makes clear what he is trying to convey. The other day I had an online lesson with him about tritone substitutions and for the first time, really understood how to see and apply them. It was a good feeling."

Gavrielle - guitar

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