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Get your copy of The FREE guide
to Minor Pentatonic Scales

Minor Pentatonic scales are extremely useful and offer a great way in to improvising. They feature in a lot of solos and compositions, particularly in the modern jazz/hard-bop style.

This handy practice resource, with its play-along tracks at increasing tempos, will help any beginner to advanced player on any instrument increase their fluency in all 12 keys. 

The FREE Guide To Min Pents on ipad cover with shadow v2.png

This PDF ebook works on any device and includes...

  • Concert Pitch, Bb Pitch, Eb Pitch and Bass Clef for every exercise

  • Minor Pentatonic scales ascending and descending in all 12 keys

  • Play-along audio files included for every exercise

  • Four tempos for every exercise from 90bpm to 180bpm

  • Includes 388 audio tracks

Plus more resources...

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