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 Beginner Jazz Soloing for Saxophone & C
 Beginner Jazz Soloing for Trumpet-cover

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 iPad Trumpet cover 1400x1400.jpg
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 iPad Violin cover 1400x1400.jpg
Click HERE for FREE band charts for the Beginner Jazz Soloing Series

Books to download from Apple

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iPad-Maj Scales.jpg
iPad-Maj Pent Scales.jpg
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iPad-Mel Min Scales.jpg

Books including all transpositions for Concert Pitch, Bass Clef, Bb & Eb Pitch instruments

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iPad-Improv with Min Pent C.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 C.jpg
iPad-Improv with Min Pent BASS.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 BASS.jpg
iPad-Improv with Min Pent Bb.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 Bb.jpg
iPad-Improv with Min Pent Eb.jpg
iPad-Jazz Chord Symbols vol1 Eb.jpg

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