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Join me each Wednesday at 6:30pm (UK) for my online musicianship classes. 

A 30 minute session, live on Zoom, covering scales, ear training and rhythm skills.


A practical session for all instrumentalists, designed to give you a good work out on essential musicianship skills.


The classes aimed at "Intermediate" players and covers core skills. 

Each class costs only £5.00 

Payments can be made by visa on this website in any currency.

The workshops are hosted in a private Zoom meeting. You will be sent the link when you sign up. You do not need to download or install any software to join the workshop. 


"Lessons with Buster are very inspiring, he makes you feel that anything is possible and he gives you the tools to set you up to try. When he is teaching you can tell he wants the very best for you. He always has interesting and varied material and he moves at a pace to suit your skill level. His experience and patience ensures that every lesson will be both enjoyable and rewarding. I have had some terrific lessons with him at workshops and will definitely be signing up for some of his online teaching."

Ann - tenor saxophone


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"Buster is a patient and enthusiastic music teacher who gives structured lessons with practical examples supported by competent technical ICT delivery. I am an adult learner who appreciates his courtesy and professional support in my musical journey."

Peter Horah - tenor saxophone and flute


"I’ve studied with Buster for a few years now and he really makes clear what he is trying to convey. The other day I had an online lesson with him about tritone substitutions and for the first time, really understood how to see and apply them. It was a good feeling. I’m booking another lesson soon."

Gavrielle - guitar


"Have just had my first experience of online drum lessons with Buster, and I have to say I’m very impressed with the quality not just of the teaching, but of the set-up. The sound was good, and the view of the drum kit was very useful and clear. If you’re at all sceptical of online lessons, don’t be -
I was pleasantly surprised, and looking forward to my next lesson!"

Hilary Martin - drums


Hilary Martin.jpg
Ross Jacques.jpeg

“I met Buster for the first time at one of his jazz workshops which I attended to develop my chromatic harmonica skills to include some jazz numbers into my performances. This was a new experience for me and as a first-timer I found Buster to be an extremely good teacher, with clear explanations and demonstrations of the scales and note progressions, for the tune we were learning that day. He was very encouraging to all the attendees, whatever their level of experience”

Ross Jacques - Chromatic Harmonica


"I have been going to Buster’s workshop sessions for some time now and his teaching skills are brilliant.  He somehow makes what is seemingly complicated, understandable and simple and, more to the point, as a saxophone player, his teaching gets the music coming out of my horn - no mean feat!  His knowledge of jazz is encyclopaedic and gives us students great understanding of how the music we are working on is constructed and developed by whichever jazz master we are studying.  Every workshop or lesson he gives is underpinned by clear, straightforward teaching materials. Buster is able to accommodate with great patience, whatever level a student is at and is very encouraging and supportive.  He also has a great sense of humour and an inexhaustible fund of stories and jokes!  I am definitely going to continue my musical learning during this period of “social distancing” with Buster’s online lessons.  Can’t recommend him highly enough!"

Lorrie Benwell - Tenor Sax


Tom W Pic.jpg

"As a drum teacher, Buster is able to communicate highly effectively about the history of music and how to interpret and play all styles including jazz and world music. As an experienced professional, Buster is able to give his students the tools they need to be musicians who can perform on stage and fulfil the role of the drummer in making everyone else in the band feel comfortable and sound good."

Tom Wiles - Drums


"I have had the pleasure of attending many of Buster's workshops. He explains jazz theory really well and his enthusiasm is infectious. I always come away feeling I've learnt a great deal - and had a lot of fun in the process."

Matt Male - tenor saxophone and flute


"Buster’s many years of professional playing and teaching all ages, make him a superb teacher. Whatever your abilities or difficulties, he has great techniques for progressing your skills and knowledge. His love and enthusiasm for music and music education combine with kindness, humour and patience to make every lesson a great experience."

Ian Rowe - Guitar and Piano


Ian Rowe.jpg

"I have been attending Buster's jazz workshops for a few years and was hooked from the start.  Buster is friendly and approachable and is able to support and coach a group of really mixed ability and personalities. He ensures that every student takes away something to work on and has had an uplifting and positive experience. Buster is unfailingly enthusiastic about his subject and communicates this to the whole group. His sessions have been the most enjoyable and useful I have been privileged to attend since I started to try jazz."

Wendy - piano

"Both my daughters have been taught drums and piano by Buster over the years. He is an absolutely inspiring teacher,  I wish he was around when I was learning to play drums. He is an incredibly empathetic teacher and always gets the best out of the sessions he delivers. Lately the online teaching has been a real godsend as we are all unable to meet at the moment. My daughter Isabella (15) is having weekly online piano lessons with Buster. These have been flawless and have gone without a hitch. Isabella has really enjoyed them and has made great progress. She is looking forward to being able to go back to the normal teaching methods, but the online sessions have been just as good as one to one lessons. I can highly recommend Buster he is an incredible musician and teacher."

Jason Dibley - Drums and Piano


Jason Dibley.jpg
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