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Chromatic Passing Notes

Chromatic passing notes are created when we connect two chord tones that are a tone apart by adding a semitone in between. This example is from my series of books, 'Rhythm Changes Soloing,' available worldwide in print from Amazon and other stockists. This particular chapter explores techniques that help create smoother lines with a modern jazz flavor. These techniques involve adding chromaticism to the lines when transitioning from one chord tone to the next. In the first example, we play all eighth notes through the chord tones or arpeggios. In the second example, we remove a few notes, adding more rhythmic interest to the line, giving it a bebop sound. To illustrate, I'll use the backing tracks from my 'iReal Pro' bundle, which you can get for free from my website. Listening to the examples you can hear the chromatic passing notes adding flavor to the lines. Chromatic passing notes can smooth the movement from one chord tone to the next when the chord notes are a tone apart.

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