Recommendations for jazz students

There are a lot of resources available now for anyone interested in studying jazz. So many, it can be a bit of a problem to know where to start. Obviously, I would recommend buying my books! But there are some other materials and products which I think are very useful, which I  recommend... 

Ken Burns - "Jazz" (box set of dvds)

Released in XXXX and still one of the best historical studies available. This series mostly focusses on the early days of jazz, its evolution and some of the key personalities that contributed, but the final episode touches on some of the later innovations. What it does well is put the music into a historical and sociological context. 

Drum Kit - should be purchased within 6 months

Mapex Tornado

20" fusion kit


Drum kit "silencer" set of practice pads for Mapex Tornado 20" drum kit​

(rubber pads that sit on the drums and cymbals which reduce the sound considerably,

but do NOT make them silent. 

Drum Grades exam syllabus

These links are all affiliate links, which means I get a small commission on each purchase, but the price is the same for the buyer. 

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